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Brettspill med elementer av kjøpslåing, som Catan eller Diplomacy.

Catan Histories: Rise of the Inkas (Norsk Utgave)

Settle, act, build — the basic Catan elements are all there in Catan Histories: Rise of the Inkas, but this game includes an innovative displacement mechanism that opens up new possibilities for players and confronts them with new game situations that will require tactical adjustments.

kr 599 Eks. Mva: kr 479

Catan/Settlers of Catan (Norsk utgave)

In Catan (formerly The Settlers of Catan), players try to be the dominant force on the island of Catan by building settlements, cities, and roads.

kr 699 Eks. Mva: kr 559

Catan: Explorers And Pirates Expansion (English version)

This extension for Catan: Explorers & Pirates allows a fifth and sixth player to join in the building, trading, colonizing, fishing, sailing, pirate battling, and spice trading fun.

kr 449 Eks. Mva: kr 359

Catan: Handelsmenn og Barbarer Utvidelse for 5 og 6 Spillere (Norsk Utgave)

Now five to six players jump in on the new adventures taking place on the island of Catan.

kr 349 Eks. Mva: kr 279

Catan: Sjøfarere (Norsk Utgave)

Players can build shipping lanes, which are very similar to roads. Additionally, the game comes with many different water-hex-heavy variant setups.

kr 399 Eks. Mva: kr 319

Catan: Sjøfarere Utvidelse for 5 og 6 Spillere (Norsk Utgave)

The 5-6 Player Expansion for The Seafarers of Catan allows you to add 1-2 more opponents without sacrificing ease of play.

kr 299 Eks. Mva: kr 239

Catan: Sjøfarerlegendene (Norsk Utgave)

Catan: Seafarers Scenario – Legend of the Sea Robbers includes four new linked scenarios that tell the "Legend of the Sea Robber" to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Catan: Seafarers.

kr 399 Eks. Mva: kr 319

Catan: Traders And Barbarians (English version)

Now five to six players jump in on the new adventures taking place on the island of Catan.

kr 359 Eks. Mva: kr 287

Catan: Treasures, Dragons & Adventurers

CATAN connoisseurs rejoice! A digital fan-favorite for many years, CATAN – Treasures, Dragons & Adventurers adds depth and variety to CATAN, Seafarers, and Cities & Knights. It’s a set of scenarios for the truest CATAN fans.

kr 424 Eks. Mva: kr 339

Clash of Cultures: Monumental Edition

Clash of Cultures: Monumental Edition brings back the classic game of exploration, expansion, and development with all new updates! Grow your civilization, advance your culture and tech, and leave your mark by building Wonders.

kr 2.299 Eks. Mva: kr 1.839

Dune: Betrayal

Are you loyal to the noble House Atreides or a secret agent for the treacherous House Harkonnen?Take on the identity of the Iconic Characters from Dune......use your actions, tactics, and cunning to discover who your enemies are......then defend your allies and attack your foes to secure your victory!

kr 369 Eks. Mva: kr 295

King's Struggle

Welcome to Kings’ Struggle, a negotiation-focused card game with elements of trick-taking and set collection.

kr 99 Eks. Mva: kr 79

Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery

In Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery, an exciting game of twisted schemes and bloody combats inspired by the hit STARZ Original series, each player takes on the role of Dominus, head of a rising house in the ancient Roman city of Capua.

kr 699 Eks. Mva: kr 559

Trade on the Tigris

The Tigris river winds through the cradle of civilization, providing food, water, and a means of transportation for trade and dissemination of ideas between the various cities and towns along the way.

kr 769 Eks. Mva: kr 615

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Board Game

Join forces with classic World of Warcraft heroes as you take down the forces of the Lich King in this journey across Azeroth.

kr 749 Eks. Mva: kr 599

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