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Eldar infanteri er ofte høyt spesialiserte og relativt skrøpelige "glasskanoner".

På grunn av deres mangel på oppholdskraft, kan Eldar-hærene lide alvorlige tap etter en dårlig taktisk beslutning eller til og med uheldig terningruller, mens vellykket spill kan innebære overordnede Eldar-enheter som utfordrer motstanderen og i essens vinner kampen før fienden har mulighet til å slå tilbake.

Eldar er avledet fra alvene av Warhammer Fantasy. De er en gammel art av romvesener som ser mennesker og andre ikke-Eldar arter som skadedyr. I den fjerne fortiden styrte de et imperium som dominert galaksen, men det ble ødelagt i en magisk katastrofe, sammen med det meste av befolkningen. Den overlevende Eldar er delt inn i de asketiske innbyggerne (kjent som "Eldar") fra Craftworlds, massive romfartøy spredt over galaksen, og Dark Eldar, eller Drukhari, et løp av sadistiske rompirater som bor i en massiv havneby skjult innenfor The Warp.

Aeldari: Autarch

Autarchs are renowned for their strategic brilliance, sublime martial skill and indomitable strength of will.

kr 280 Eks. Mva: kr 224

Aeldari: Avatar of Khaine

An Avatar of Khaine is an ancient deity incarnate – a burning shard of Khaela Mensha Khaine, the Bloody-Handed God of the Aeldari.

kr 720 Eks. Mva: kr 576

Aeldari: Codex

The Aeldari once ruled the galaxy, before their civilisation collapsed under the weight of their hedonism. Now they are a dying and fractured race, their differing factions all finding ways to survive in a galaxy where their extinction seems inevitable.

kr 360 Eks. Mva: kr 360

Aeldari: Combat Patrol

The Aeldari once ruled the galaxy, before their civilisation collapsed beneath the weight of its own hedonism. Now the Asuryani sail the stars aboard massive vessels called craftworlds, their citizens keeping to highly disciplined Paths to avoid drowning in the same decadent madness as their ancestors.

kr 1.050 Eks. Mva: kr 840

Aeldari: Dark Reapers

The skull-helmed visage of the Dark Reapers is a spine-chilling sight in itself. These Aspect Warriors exemplify the War God as Destroyer, and their formidable warsuits echo that of their founder, Maugan Ra.

kr 410 Eks. Mva: kr 328

Aeldari: Datacards

Datacards make referencing your rules in battle easy. Containing quick-reference Stratagems and psychic powers, they're perfect for ensuring you don't forget crucial rules when you need them most.

kr 185 Eks. Mva: kr 148

Aeldari: Dire Avengers

The Dire Avengers are first amongst the Aspect Warriors of the Aeldari. They represent the War God's unending thirst for vengeance upon a galaxy of woe, and as such they are merciless to their foes and unstinting in their devotion to their people.

kr 300 Eks. Mva: kr 240

Aeldari: Guardians

So few in number are the Asuryani that every citizen must train for war, in case they should one day need to defend their craftworld. In times of peace these Aeldari pursue artistic and civic Paths, but when called upon, they don their war masks and take to the battlefield.

kr 390 Eks. Mva: kr 312

Aeldari: Harlequin Troupe

In battle, Harlequin Troupes move fast and hit hard, relying on speed and skill to annihilate the enemy before they even have time to raise their guns.

kr 300 Eks. Mva: kr 240

Aeldari: Howling Banshees

Howling Banshees are swift and athletic troops who are famously deadly in hand-to-hand fighting, and are renowned for their ability to strike down the foe before they can so much as raise a weapon to defend themselves.

kr 410 Eks. Mva: kr 328

Aeldari: Maugan Ra

Maugan Ra, also known as the Harvester of Souls, is the Phoenix Lord of the Dark Reapers – among the most grim and foreboding Aspects of the Asuryani. A master at killing from a distance, Maugan Ra wields the Maugetar.

kr 240 Eks. Mva: kr 240

Aeldari: Shining Spears

Aeldari mythology is replete with noble heroes at one with their steeds, and in the Shining Spears, the glories of legend are made manifest.

kr 440 Eks. Mva: kr 352

Aeldari: Shroud Runners

Streaking into battle at speeds that render them barely visible to human eyes, Shroud Runners effortlessly outmanoeuvre their enemies while harassing them with pinpoint sniper fire. Each jetbike acts as the mount for a pair of skilled Aeldari Rangers, the pillion rider often entering a marksman’s trance so as to aim and fire while travelling at incredible velocity.

kr 470 Eks. Mva: kr 376

Aeldari: Skyweavers

Heavily armed and incredibly fast, squads of Skyweavers outmanoeuvre their foes before cutting them to pieces with concentrated firepower. Their ripping streams of shuriken fire and crackling bolts of electromagnetic energy slaughter foot troops and reduce enemy tanks to sparking wrecks with equal ease.

kr 360 Eks. Mva: kr 288

Aeldari: War Walker

War Walkers are used in rough terrain, to scout out enemy positions. Its two heavy weapons provide a considerable arsenal for its size, but it lacks the armour to fight at the centre of an attack.

kr 280 Eks. Mva: kr 224

Aeldari: Warlocks

Seers who once trained as Aspect Warriors find it easier to develop destructive psychic powers.

kr 390 Eks. Mva: kr 312

Aeldari: Wraithknight

Looming ghost warriors many times larger than even the mighty Wraithlords, the war machines known as Wraithknights are still dextrous enough to run through the ruin of a shattered city, leaping from pillar to spar as their arcane weapons bring oblivion to the enemies of the Aeldari.

kr 1.050 Eks. Mva: kr 840

Boarding Patrol: Drukhari

The depraved Drukhari are masterful marauders, despatching raiding parties to hunt down prisoners for the fighting pits, slaves to serve in their Dark City, or simply victims whose pain will satisfy their terrible soul-hunger.

kr 770 Eks. Mva: kr 616

Craftworlds: Dire Avengers

The Dire Avengers are first amongst the Aspect Warriors of the Aeldari.

kr 350 Eks. Mva: kr 280

Craftworlds: Jain Zar

Jain Zar is the most active of all the Phoenix Lords in the war against the forces of the Great Enemy.

kr 300 Eks. Mva: kr 240

Drukhari: Drazhar

In Drazhar, the Incubi ideal of violent perfection is exquisitely personified.

kr 300 Eks. Mva: kr 240

Drukhari: Incubi

The Incubi are an order of Drukhari that hone themselves for war and war alone. Warriors of the highest calibre, they dedicate themselves to the perfection of the killing strike.

kr 410 Eks. Mva: kr 328

Drukhari: Kabalite Warriors

Warriors of the Kabals form the beating heart of each Drukhari strike force.

kr 300 Eks. Mva: kr 240

Drukhari: Scourges

A rich and daring Drukhari may surrender himself to the Haemonculi, requesting that his bones be hollowed out, that bands of new muscle be grafted onto his torso, and powerful wings and adrenaline dispensers be attached to his shoulders so that he is capable of true flight.

kr 250 Eks. Mva: kr 200

Drukhari: Talos

The Talos Pain Engines are seen as the pinnacle of the Haemonculi's art. Creations of mad genius, each one is part organic and part mechanical, festooned with surgical apparatus and horrible-looking weapons of war.

kr 410 Eks. Mva: kr 328

Drukhari: Venom

The Drukhari rely heavily on surprise and raw speed, and hence their skycraft are all fast and manoeuvrable.

kr 280 Eks. Mva: kr 224

Drukhari: Wyches

In the craft of murder, Wyches have no equal. In battle, Wyches feed upon screams of pain. With combat drugs coursing through their veins, Wyches roll, backflip and pirouette out of harm's way, stabbing through visors and neck-joints, slicing open a throat here and piercing a heart there.

kr 300 Eks. Mva: kr 240

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