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Ork-infanteri enheter er vanligvis langsommee, tøffe og mange. De har en preferanse for nærkamp, da de er svake på langt hold.

Orkene er grønnhudede romvesener basert på tradisjonelle orker fra fantasiverdener. Deres kultur dreier seg om krig for egen vinning, periodiske korstog mot keiserlige planeter eller andre arter. Orkene er en komisk art som har enkle personligheter, merkelige våpen, og snakker med Cockney aksenter.

Ork Boyz

Boyz are the rank and file of an Ork army. Orks are tough, determined fighters who fall upon the enemy in great tides of howling violence.

kr 245 Eks. Mva: kr 196

Ork Lootas And Burnas

Ork Meks are responsible for creating the most destructive weapons an Ork can lay his big green hands on. Whether it is the surprisingly sophisticated Burnas or the far louder, shoulder-mounted Deffguns, a Mek is never short of customers.

kr 235 Eks. Mva: kr 188

Ork Nobz

The Orks call their ruling caste Nobz. Nobz are bigger and scarier than other Orks and revel in cruel or casual violence.

kr 200 Eks. Mva: kr 160

Orks Kustom Boosta-Blasta

Armed to the grille with guns, blades and greenskins, the Kustom Boosta-blasta is one of the deadliest Ork vehicles around.

kr 300 Eks. Mva: kr 240

Orks Shokkjump Dragsta

The Shokkjump Dragsta combines two of the foremost triumphs of the Mekaniak’s art – recklessly fast speedsters and deranged weaponry.

kr 330 Eks. Mva: kr 264

Orks: Beast Snagga Boyz

Many Orks dedicate themselves to the pursuit of one obsession over all others, which for the Beast Snaggas is the thrill of the hunt.

kr 330 Eks. Mva: kr 264

Orks: Deffkoptas

Most Orks take a dim view of muckin’ about in the sky, and would much rather go to war with their feet firmly on the ground. Deffkopta pilots are one of few exceptions, hurtling into the sky to spy out enemy forces for their warband, and give those same enemies a good strafing run or three in the meantime.

kr 390 Eks. Mva: kr 312

Orks: Ghazghkull Thraka

Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka is a mighty prophet of the Waaagh!, capable of rousing billions of Orks into a frenzy of conquest and bloodshed. He is the most influential greenskin in the galaxy, and commands billions to war.

kr 440 Eks. Mva: kr 352

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