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Ork-infanteri enheter er vanligvis langsommee, tøffe og mange. De har en preferanse for nærkamp, da de er svake på langt hold.

Orkene er grønnhudede romvesener basert på tradisjonelle orker fra fantasiverdener. Deres kultur dreier seg om krig for egen vinning, periodiske korstog mot keiserlige planeter eller andre arter. Orkene er en komisk art som har enkle personligheter, merkelige våpen, og snakker med Cockney aksenter.

Codex: Orks

There are many horrific alien threats to be found among the stars, and the Orks are some of the very greatest among them.

kr 360 Eks. Mva: kr 360

Combat Patrol: Orks

The Orks love nothing more than charging headlong into the fury of combat, bellowing "Waaagh!" at the top of their lungs and letting loose with whatever weapons they can lay their hands on.

kr 1.050 Eks. Mva: kr 840

Mek Gunz: Kustom Mega-kannon

Crewed by long-suffering grots, Mek Gunz equipped with a Kustom Mega-kannon have heralded the end for many a hapless foe (and more than a few grots!). Capable of melting a hole through a Space Marine at twenty paces, but its deadly power comes at a grot-scorching price.

kr 390 Eks. Mva: kr 312

Ork Lootas And Burnas

Ork Meks are responsible for creating the most destructive weapons an Ork can lay his big green hands on. Whether it is the surprisingly sophisticated Burnas or the far louder, shoulder-mounted Deffguns, a Mek is never short of customers.

kr 300 Eks. Mva: kr 240

Orks: Battleforce – Killdakka Warband

The Orks are the most relentlessly warlike alien race in the galaxy. They are also one of the most numerous and widespread. Always utterly anarchic, the Orks are an omnipresent threat to every race they encounter.

kr 1.650 Eks. Mva: kr 1.320

Orks: Battlewagon

No two Battlewagons are the same, for the Meks that build them can never resist cobbling on armour plates, ramming spikes, assorted dakka, and random gubbinz. However, all are rugged transport tanks with the capacity to bear a vast number of angry Orks into battle while shrugging off the worst the enemy can throw at them.

kr 770 Eks. Mva: kr 616

Orks: Beast Snagga Boyz

Many Orks dedicate themselves to the pursuit of one obsession over all others, which for the Beast Snaggas is the thrill of the hunt.

kr 390 Eks. Mva: kr 312

Orks: Beastboss

The Beastboss is the overall leader of a Beast Snaggas mob, leading from the front and crushing the choicest prey between the serrated teeth of his Beastclaw. As the foremost authority within the warband, it's his job to interpret the visions of the Wurrboyz and direct the mob towards its next hunt.

kr 270 Eks. Mva: kr 216

Orks: Big'ed Bossbunka

Ork warbosses are usually stationary for only two reasons. One is when they are giving an enemy – or an unlucky grot – a good hiding, and the other is when they are shouting at their Boyz to give the foe a good krumpin'. The Big'ed Bossbunka provides the perfect place to holler from given its bosspole, which is outfitted with a very loud PA system.

kr 525 Eks. Mva: kr 420

Orks: Boomdakka Snazzwagon

The roar of overcharged engines and the crackle of flames herald the arrival of the Boomdakka Snazzwagons. Lightly built speedsters based around looted vehicle frames, Snazzwagons are clad in hastily welded scrap armour.

kr 390 Eks. Mva: kr 312

Orks: Dakkajet

Propelled by a single, massive jet engine, the Dakkajet roars through the sky. Gunz blazing a near constant stream of bullets, tormenting fleeing infantry or enemy aircraft. Dakkajet pilots believe firmly in quantity over quality, and commonly bolt as many big shootas as possible to their aircraft - some of those bullets are bound to hit the target.

kr 550 Eks. Mva: kr 440

Orks: Datacards

Datacards make referencing your rules in battle easy. Containing quick-reference Stratagems and psychic powers, they're perfect for ensuring you don't forget crucial rules when you need them most.

kr 185 Eks. Mva: kr 148

Orks: Deffkoptas

Most Orks take a dim view of muckin’ about in the sky, and would much rather go to war with their feet firmly on the ground. Deffkopta pilots are one of few exceptions, hurtling into the sky to spy out enemy forces for their warband, and give those same enemies a good strafing run or three in the meantime.

kr 440 Eks. Mva: kr 352

Orks: Kill Rig

Few sounds are as terrifying as the cacophony of hollering, clattering, and stomping that heralds the arrival of an Ork Kill Rig.

kr 940 Eks. Mva: kr 752

Orks: Morkanaut

Personally built and piloted by an Ork Mekboy, the Morkanaut possesses all the lethal kunnin’ of Mork. Packed with glowy gubbinz from the Mek’s own workshop these mighty engines exist purely to cause carnage.

kr 940 Eks. Mva: kr 752

Orks: Painboss

The Painbosses of the Beast Snaggas are battlefield doctors hardened by many brutal conflicts. Augmented with a whole host of cybernetics and armed with a suite of surgical tools and squig-based remedies, they are always on hand to replace a limb with something more suited for heavy-duty krumpin’, while their grot orderlies whiz around patching up minor wounds.

kr 270 Eks. Mva: kr 216

Orks: Painboy

Painboys are at home amongst the blood and horror of the battlefield, eagerly patching up lost limbs, doing a spot of welding on a broken face or furnishing the Warboss with a brand new flame-throwing arm.

kr 205 Eks. Mva: kr 164

Orks: Runtherd And Gretchin

Gretchin mobs make up for their shocking lack of quality with sheer quantity. The natural cowardice and feeble-limbed incompetence of the Gretchin race does not predispose them to the arts of war, and a typical Grot would prefer to have his head buried in a sporehole than to actually participate in a proper battle.

kr 160 Eks. Mva: kr 128

Orks: Shokkjump Dragsta

The Shokkjump Dragsta combines two of the foremost triumphs of the Mekaniak’s art – recklessly fast speedsters and deranged weaponry.

kr 390 Eks. Mva: kr 312

Orks: Squighog Boyz

Bipedal wrecking balls that charge ahead of the Ork lines, Smasha Squigs live in a state of near permanent concussion thanks to their tendency to headbutt everything. Only the surliest and most aggressive Orks can wrangle them towards enemy lines, but the resulting impact of a charging unit of Squighog Boyz is worth it as they crumple metal, flesh, and bone alike.

kr 440 Eks. Mva: kr 352

Orks: Stormboyz

Stormboyz, the shock troops of many successful warbands, dedicate their lives to the time honoured martial disciplines of drilling, marching and hurtling through the air. To this end they go to war strapped to rokkit packs that, when activated propel their wearers forward on great tongues of oily black flame.

kr 270 Eks. Mva: kr 216

Orks: Warbiker Mob

A Warbiker treats his personal steed with real care, because a warbike is not only a thing of great prestige but also a direct conduit to the adrenaline-rich thrill of speed. Nothing short of dive-bombing the foe in a fighta-bomma can compare to the raw excitement of hurtling towards the enemy on a warbike with all guns blazing.

kr 360 Eks. Mva: kr 288

Orks: Warboss in Mega Armour

Any good Ork Hunter knows the safest way to deal with a rampaging Warboss is to hit them with tank-busting artillery from as far away as possible. By donning a piston-driven suit of incredibly durable mega armour, this Warboss makes a mockery of such underhanded enemy tactics, much to the terror of his foes.

kr 270 Eks. Mva: kr 216

Orks: Zodgrod Wortsnagga

With his Grabzappa crackling, Zodgrod herds his notorious super runts into battle. This irascible loon is never happier than when wrangling especially large and rowdy foes, usually by peppering them with needles from his Squigstoppa Numba 5, then burying them in a rampaging horde of diminutive little monsters.

kr 300 Eks. Mva: kr 240

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