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Tyranider har en preferanse for nærkamp, og deres infanteri enheter slår raskt og hardt, men er skrøpelige.

Tyranidene har ofte lave poengverdier, noe som gjør at Tyranid-hærene i spillet vanligvis er ganske store. Tyranider har best motstandskraft mot fiender med psykiske krefter: Mange Tyranid-enheter har "Shadow in the Warp" egenskapen, noe som gjør det vanskeligere for nære fiendener å bruke eventuelle psykiske krefter.

Tyranidene er mystiske romvesen fra en fjern galakse. De migrerer fra planet til planet og spiser alt liv i deres vei. Tyranider er bundet sammen med et bikube sinn og individuelle tyranider blir ville når de skilles fra den. Deres "teknologi" er utelukkende biologisk: deres skip er levende vesener, og deres våpen er levende komponenter av laget av deres kropper.

Boarding Patrol: Genestealer Cults

The hideously warped followers of the Genestealer Cults infest every corner of Imperial space, forever plotting to spread their fervent devotion and genetic taint.

kr 830 Eks. Mva: kr 664

Boarding Patrol: Thousand Sons

The Thousand Sons are a Legion of trapped souls and mad sorcerers, advancing into battle with gouts of kaleidoscopic warpflame and bolts of raw psychic might. These accursed arcanists board space hulks in search of lost knowledge and ancient artefacts, protected by implacable automaton Rubricae and the cackling mutants bound by their warband.

kr 770 Eks. Mva: kr 616

Boarding Patrol: Tyranids

Like the questing tendrils of some impossibly vast monster, the Tyranid hive fleets push deeper into the galaxy with every passing day.

kr 880 Eks. Mva: kr 704

Codex: Genestealer Cults

The Genestealer Cults erupt from the shadows in a tide of mutated acolytes, turncoat soldiery and predatory xenos monsters.

kr 360 Eks. Mva: kr 360

Codex: Tyranids

The Tyranid hive fleets are rapacious alien swarms that flow from beyond the galactic fringe to devour all life.

kr 360 Eks. Mva: kr 360

Combat Patrol: Genestealer Cults

The Genestealer Cults erupt from the shadows in a tide of xenos-worshipping acolytes, employing ambush and subterfuge to outmanoeuvre their enemies.

kr 1.050 Eks. Mva: kr 840

Combat Patrol: Tyranids

The Tyranids are rapacious alien swarms that emerge from the cold darkness of the intergalactic void. Guided by the unknowable intellect of the Hive Mind, these nightmarish super-predators hunt, kill, and feed without end, stripping world after world of biomass and leaving nothing but airless rocks in their wake.

kr 1.050 Eks. Mva: kr 840

Genestealer Cults Codex

Undermine the Imperium and strike from the shadows with Codex: Genestealer Cults – your complete guide to the 41st Millennium’s most cunning insurrectionists. Inside this 120-page codex, you'll find everything you need to add the Genestealer Cults to your games, plus thrilling lore and art to inspire your own collection.

kr 280 Eks. Mva: kr 280

Genestealer Cults: Aberrants

Misshapen, lumpen and inhumanly strong, the Aberrants are the repugnant offshoots of the brood cycle. Though dim-witted, their instinctive need to defend their broodkin makes them valuable assets to the cult.

kr 300 Eks. Mva: kr 240

Genestealer Cults: Abominant

A champion amongst the mutant aberrants of the cult, the Abominant is a misshapen wrecking ball of muscle and chitin that wields a heavy bludgeoning instrument as if it weighs no more than a switch of willow.

kr 205 Eks. Mva: kr 164

Genestealer Cults: Atalan Jackals

Atalan Jackals are fourth generation Neophytes who form the outriders of their gene-sect. They roam the corners of the host planet in search of new regions for their cult to infest.

kr 410 Eks. Mva: kr 328

Genestealer Cults: Biophagus

A master of gene-manipulation and bio-alchemy, the Biophagus is responsible for industrialising the process of indoctrination and infection.

kr 205 Eks. Mva: kr 164

Genestealer Cults: Broodcoven

The Patriarch and his Broodcoven dominate the minds and hearts of the cultists in their thrall. Masters of psychic and physical power, they muster and command the actions of the cult’s many generations to ensure their targets are torn down in short order.

kr 470 Eks. Mva: kr 376

Genestealer Cults: Clamavus

The Clamavus is an information assassin supreme, seeding audio-viruses into the planetary vox network and dismantling communications. It is their role to create an aura of fear and confusion that their kin can exploit.

kr 205 Eks. Mva: kr 164

Genestealer Cults: Datacards

Genestealer Cults: Datacards

kr 194 Eks. Mva: kr 155

Genestealer Cults: Goliath

Built to withstand the pressures and challenges of underground mining, the Goliath Rockgrinder is a devastating piece of equipment when turned to aggression.

kr 410 Eks. Mva: kr 328

Genestealer Cults: Jackal Alphus

The Jackal Alphus is the undisputed leader of their pack. Not only are they the deadliest and fastest of their kin, they possess nerves of steel and a mind so focused that those of the Ordo Xenos who have seen them work have compared them to Imperial Assassins.

kr 300 Eks. Mva: kr 240

Genestealer Cults: Kelermorph

To the oppressed masses of a Genestealer Cult, the Kelermorph is a figure of folk legend, a revolutionary hero battling the uncaring cruelty of authoritarian rule.

kr 205 Eks. Mva: kr 164

Genestealer Cults: Locus

Stoic and inhumanly patient, the Locus can go from sombre stillness to a blur of motion in an eye-blink.

kr 205 Eks. Mva: kr 164

Genestealer Cults: Magus

Maguses are psychically gifted and possessed of a supernatural charisma. Their control of the hybrids around them is total.

kr 205 Eks. Mva: kr 164

Genestealer Cults: Neophyte Hybrids

By the time a Genestealer Cult launches its insurrection, its Neophyte Hybrids make up a horde of thousands.

kr 360 Eks. Mva: kr 288

Genestealer Cults: Nexos

Nexoses act as each Genestealer Cult’s central nervous system. They are granted psychometric powers that allow them to absorb the memories and consciousness of indoctrinated organisms, processing that sensory data into a steady stream of strategic instructions and deployment orders.

kr 205 Eks. Mva: kr 164

Genestealer Cults: Sanctus

Sanctuses are the favoured blades of their Patriarch, assassins whose task it is to eliminate any who oppose the cultists’ ascension to glory.

kr 205 Eks. Mva: kr 164

Tyranid Gargoyle Brood

Gargoyles are often the first wave of a Tyranid swarm to be seen in battle. Thus a Tyranid attack is preceded by the beating of thousands of membranous wings as Gargoyle Broods descend upon the foe; blocking out the sun, and spitting death from their fleshborers and caustic venom from their fanged mouths.

kr 300 Eks. Mva: kr 240

Tyranid Genestealers Brood

Genestealers are legendarily ferocious close combat opponents, with lightning fast reflexes and deadly claws, capable of ripping through adamantium. They have their own brood telepathy enabling them to function outside the range of the hive mind.

kr 350 Eks. Mva: kr 280

Tyranid Hide Tyrant/The Swarmlord

The Swarmlord is as old as the Tyranid race itself, the very pinnacle of the Hive Tyrant bioform.

kr 410 Eks. Mva: kr 328

Tyranid Hormagaunt Brood

The Hormagaunt is a highly specialised Tyranid bioform. Each Hormagaunt has four razor-sharp claws specially developed for ripping and piercing flesh and armour, and powerful hind legs that allow the creature to dart into combat at an astounding speed.

kr 300 Eks. Mva: kr 240

Tyranids Dice Set

Demonstrate your dedication to the Tyranid swarm with these insidious dice, themed to match the tendrils of the Hive Mind. Marked with the colours of Hive Fleet Leviathan, these dice are perfectly evolved for rolling, helping you to prey upon and destroy your enemies.

kr 270 Eks. Mva: kr 216

Tyranids: Broodlord

When Tyranids invade, the Broodlord leads his followers into battle, often appearing from sewers or hidden vents to cause untold carnage amongst the enemy army.

kr 300 Eks. Mva: kr 240

Tyranids: Datacards

Tyranids: Datacards

kr 194 Eks. Mva: kr 155

Tyranids: Parasite of Mortrex

Swooping on leathery wings, Parasites of Mortrex use their barbed ovipositors to drive Ripper gestation pods deep into their victims’ bodies.

kr 270 Eks. Mva: kr 216

Tyranids: Start Collecting!

A seemingly numberless horde of ghastly super-predators, adapted bio-weapons optimised for the kill - the Tyranids emerge from the cold darkness of the intergalactic void.

kr 963 Eks. Mva: kr 770

Tyranids: Warriors

Tyranid Warriors are the most adaptable of all the Hive Mind’s bioforms.

kr 390 Eks. Mva: kr 312

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